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New Graphic Designer Nyla Sauter Broadens TDF’s Artistic Vision!

New Graphic Designer Nyla Sauter Broadens TDF’s Artistic Vision!

New Graphic Designer Nyla Sauter Broadens TDF’s Artistic Vision!

How is The Deciding Factor keeping up with design trends and the digital marketing evolution? We’re broadening our artistic vision with our new graphic designer, Nyla Sauter!

Nyla joined The Deciding Factor in September 2021. She brings with her a wealth of design, brand strategy and concept knowledge, and is energizing TDF’s ability to grab the user and never let go!

How Did Nyla Get To Carnegie Hall?

Nyla wanted to be an artist since she was a child, but that passion didn’t gain a focus until she attended The Summit Country Day School.

“I thought about exploring architecture but ending up taking a portfolio class,” she says.

Little did she know that her nautical-themed senior portfolio would be recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards — and earn her a trip to an awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall! Turns out practice does make perfect.

She’d taken her first steps toward a career in graphic design. Next stop — college! Nyla pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the University of Dayton.

“It was a really friendly place that I fell in love with during the tour,” says Nyla.

She also did her first professional graphic design work while in Dayton, designing social media posts, recording and editing promotional videos, and editing product images and more for Flyer Enterprises.

After college it was back to Cincinnati to be with family and friends. Nyla did some contract design work with the digital media promotions company Quotient Technology and then worked full time for Divisions Maintenance Group. She led a rebrand of the facilities maintenance group, working with them to improve brand messaging across the entire enterprise.

Nyla Delivers Desired Impressions With TDF

Now she’s at TDF after sharpening her design skills in a diversity of business contexts.

“Nyla is an exciting addition to the team who excels in delivering the desired impression to clients and customers,” says Karen Meyers Holzer, president of The Deciding Factor. “She has the creativity to capture and bring brand identities to life with unique approaches to both static images and motion graphics.”

When she’s not hustling for TDF, Nyla loves oil painting in a realistic style and yoga. She even went with friends this past summer on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica.

“My goal at TDF is to continue evolving personally and professionally,” says Nyla. “I love working in design, and I want to use my skills and experience to exceed our client’s graphic design expectations.”

For More Information

Watch this video to learn more about what Nyla can bring to your organization’s look and feel. Then contact The Deciding Factor to partner with us to visually communicate your company’s strategic objectives.

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