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Construction & Manufacturing Marketing

Construction & Manufacturing Marketing

The Challenge

Does marketing really work in your industry? You sell highly technical, specialized stuff — from machined component parts to specialty tools. Your expertise, your innovation and your skill are your value propositions. And you need a marketing company that speaks your language and understands your customer.

Our Plan

We take more than a decade of experience working with customers just like you as our foundation. Then we dig into the details, getting to know more about your company until we can talk with your project leaders, engineers and operators on their level. You’re the experts in your industry, and we absorb as much as we can from you, quickly. That informs everything we do for you, from an email blast to a complete website overhaul.

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Critical to Success

Construction and manufacturing marketing utilizes a variety of strategies.

Online and Emarketing

A website gives your company credibility. It’s your customers’ first stop after meeting you — or maybe the way they found you in the first place. If you’re website is dated, difficult to navigate or no longer talks about what you really do, it’s time to get started on a new one.

Sales Materials

This is a great way to get in front of your customers and prospective customers. Let them know who you are and how you can solve their point of pain. From sales packets to direct mail campaigns, we give you the materials you need to make a lasting impression.

Content Development

Content creation is a hassle for you. You have a bunch of really smart people who speak engineering really well. You need a translator — someone smart who can boil that down into useful content that positions you as an expert and leader in the industry. We do that.

Public Relations

Use the trade press to raise awareness of your company. From maximizing employee announcements to getting a year’s worth of positive PR out of a manufacturing award, The Deciding Factor can help you share your great news and get you attention within the manufacturing or construction community.

Mobile Marketing

When your team members or your customers work in the field, mobile websites and mobile apps are mission critical. Many industrial customers aren’t sitting at desks, they’re finding you when they’re on the go and when the need arises. Make it easy for them to find you.

Social Media

Engage your team, your prospective team and your customers — online through social media management. Even B2B consumers are shopping online, looking for reviews and recommendations on industrial products and construction services. Meet your customer where they are.

Explaining the Value Proposition

Video and animation can be a useful tool in explaining your company’s differentiation.

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  • I want to thank each of you for your genuine partnership and friendship throughout all of our projects. This, along with your high quality output, has been an integral part to our success.
    David J. NanglePresident, The Harris Products Group
  • When we decided to develop a website, The Deciding Factor Team created a crisp, clean and professional website that immediately raised our profile as an industry leading manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies.
    Ken MarvarVice President Sales, USM Precision Products