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The Challenge

Healthcare deals with complex concepts, and the audience is diverse – from highly educated doctors to patients confused by medical terminology. It’s also constantly changing because of advances in technology and the implementation of healthcare reform. That combination can be daunting.

Our Plan

We have experience across the healthcare industry – medical devices, pharmaceutical investments, EHRs and HIT, reimbursement policy, consumer health products, insurance and benefits, and healthcare provider marketing. That diversity – and the variety of other industries we work in – means we value audience-specific marketing. We speak the language – from the importance of brushing your teeth for two minutes to esophagogastroduodenoscopy.

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Critical to Success



Evidence-based Medicine

It starts with branding. Healthcare is a crowded marketplace and continues to grow. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a company that serves hospitals and doctors, you need a solid visual strategy that communicates credibility, innovation and care.

In a world driven by evidence-based medicine, you need journal article summaries, white papers and case studies to prove your case. But you don’t have time to bring an agency up to speed. That’s okay, we get geeked out by information and devour medical journals. Communicating complex information is what we do.

Conference and Convention Marketing


When you market to healthcare providers, you need to be where they are. Often that means medical conferences and trade shows. It’s not enough just to be there, you need to standout. Make connections with your audience before, during and after the show.

How are you using technology to communicate with your audience? Maybe it’s a website that establishes credibility for your providers or patients. Or consider a custom application that allows you to compare the efficacy of your medical device compared to another treatment plan.


Patient Education

Your team, your users – they need education and training. From how to sell your product or service to how to use your product in a medical space, we have experience developing materials that break down medical concepts into easily digested pieces.

Sales to providers won’t matter if you can’t develop awareness and drive demand in the patient population. You need materials that offer understanding of what the patient is going through, explains conditions and procedures and educates about your value.

  • The Deciding Factor team has the ability to understand technical information and translate it into clean, informative and creative copy and design. They go the extra mile for their clients and are incredibly responsive to our needs.
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