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The Apple vs. PC Debate

The Apple vs. PC Debate

In light of the new partnership that was announced this week between Apple and IBM, we have decided to take the debate to where it really matters – in our office.

You may have heard that IBM is now working with Apple to bring enterprising applications and cloud services to Apple products. The jury is out on how this partnership will change the business world, but it certainly ruffled some feathers amongst my team members.

As you probably remember, the famous Apple commercials (Mac vs. PC Commercial) ripped PCs for several of their famous stereotypes. We also had the counter from PC (PC’s Counter Commercial). So what’s our office’s stance?

We have the fortunate — or unfortunate — blessing of having a split office. Of our seven computers, three are Macs and four are PCs. We continually poke and stab at each other claiming that our preference is better. It’s finally time to settle this.

Why am I weighing in? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have the privilege of working on both styles. I use my PC for copywriting and general use, and I use my Mac for graphic design. Mac vs. PC Logo

The Apple advocates:

Our three designers, including myself, all use Macs for design purposes. Whether we are running the Adobe Suite products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects etc.) or designing and programming websites, we prefer the smoothness and visual quality of the Mac.

The things that we hate most about PCs are the random errors and unexplainable problems that come up. Just the other day, one of the PC user’s mouse just disappeared off of the screen. Nobody knew what to do; then all of a sudden it just came back. In addition to the PC freezes, we Apple users just find them so mechanical and techy.

The PC advocates:

Four employees, including our president and me, use PCs. The business world seems to run on PCs – I get why Apple hooked up with IBM – they want a piece of that. The Macs can seem less serious, even frivolous with their apps, like the photo booth application.

The thing that we dislike most about our Mac products is that stupid rainbow circle of death (one of our designers calls it the spinning beach ball of death). Sure my PC might freeze up, but at least I know I have an issue and I can fix it. With a Mac, the circle can go forever. It can be 5 seconds or 5 hours. The PC users don’t have the luxury of waiting for some machine to tell us when it feels like working. No, we will just ctrl+alt+delete and solve it ourselves.

The ultimate once and for all answer:

It’s all about preference and application. I know I said we would tell you which one is better, but we honestly don’t think there is a correct answer. The Mac users will always think they are cool and are having more fun. The PC users will always feel more tech saavy and efficient.

So at the end of the day, our advice is to go with what you love. That is what we do here, and it produces results.

Karen Vance is the Director of Digital and Content Marketing for The Deciding Factor, Inc. She keeps busy by running her two teenage boys to sporting and musical activities. She and her husband run a baseball empire called Galaxy Baseball with 15 teams and about 160 kids. Factoid: You can find her on the weekends ringing the bass bells in her church Handbell Choir or scorekeeping baseball in the stands.
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