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Enhancing Marketing Copy with AI-Based Writing Tools

Enhancing Marketing Copy with AI-Based Writing Tools

Enhancing Marketing Copy with AI-Based Writing Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. AI writing tools can produce surprisingly convincing copy.

But will AI ever replace good old-fashioned copywriters? At The Deciding Factor, we have been exploring when and where to use AI to work smarter.

We are currently utilizing AI to do a few things — source keywords for SEO, find and follow trends in our clients’ industries, and  enhance our writer’s research and output. Let us tell you about how we’re harnessing the power of AI to streamline tasks and enable our team to focus on delivering exciting, immersive content for our clients.

Boosting Content Creation and Marketing Efforts with AI

AI software can generate text based on user input. This human-like text content includes everything from social media posts to SEO-friendly articles.

“AI writing tools are excellent for businesses that conduct content marketing,” explains Hubspot. “If you’re constantly producing copy for blog posts, website landing pages, product descriptions, ads, social media posts, video descriptions and/or emails, AI writing software can help you.”

Possibly the best AI content writing tool is ChatGPT. Made by research company OpenAI, this currently-free natural language processing (NLP) technology can perform a number of tasks, including:

  • Engaging in conversations with users who receive answers similar to Google-style research results
  • Researching topics and content
  • Writing copy for online content
  • Generating and fixing code
  • Providing website SEO evaluations and keywords

AI Can Never Replace Humans

AI writing can’t — or at least shouldn’t — replace human writers. ChatGPT and other AI writing assistants require specific prompts to produce usable content. That AI-produced content should then be a starting point for human produced content.

“While AI writing tools are more cost-effective and can improve your work scalability, they pose a few quality concerns,” says Mailchimp. “At the end of the day, AI blog writers will not be able to write in the same capacity, with the same depth of knowledge that human writers can.”

You don’t want to risk grammatical mistakes or clunky sentences. And it takes a human to follow the customer’s brand voice, something AI would struggle to mimic.

There’s also a risk of plagiarism with AI. The NLP technology that ChatGTP and other AI-based writing tools use combs the internet to generate anticipated responses to human queries. The AI tools may very well just take copy wholesale from your clients’ or competitors’ websites and reword it without any imagination or insight.

According to Martech Series, ‘While embedded artificial intelligence can find or extrapolate from the world’s databases, it can’t tell you anything intelligent about your data. It won’t be able to discover customer insights relevant to your customers or suggest what campaigns would best match a specific segment of yours. It will only be able to base its responses on “generic data.”’

Most importantly, AI only gathers information available online. Your clients’ unique messaging and the most up-to-date product information may not be publicly accessible, so any AI-generated copy will lack necessary authenticity.

How TDF Uses AI to Produce First-Class Content

Human writers will always handle the content creation process at TDF. However, we have quickly and nimbly adopted AI writing tools to streamline the writing process, lighten our workloads and speed up deliverable timelines.

Our writing team uses ChatGPT to bringing a project to life. We can brainstorm content ideas and research topics through ChatGPT prompts. You can “defeat the blank page,” with the AI tools getting raw text down on the page that we can then mold into unique and compelling marketing copy. Finally, we can refine the finished product with AI assessments and keyword suggestions to make the copy more SEO-friendly.

“We’ve embraced ChatGPT and similar tools so we can deploy and direct their power,” says Bart Bishop, Content Marketing Manager for The Deciding Factor. “AI is assisting us, accelerating the research phase of a project and making us more efficient workers. We embrace new technologies at The Deciding Factor and AI is here to stay!”

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