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Digital Marketing 101

Welcome to The Deciding Factor University of Marketing.

Introduction to Digital Marketing 101

This semester you will be attending Digital Marketing 101. Over the next 15 weeks, you will be taken on a journey that teaches you the foundations of digital marketing. We will be exploring topics like websites, SEO, SEM, email, and social media. I hope that you are as excited as I am to begin your path to understanding the role digital marketing will have in 2015 and beyond.

This introductory course will give you a glimpse into the world I work in. You will come to understand the importance of digital marketing and why every company needs to have a strong presence online. You will learn the fundamentals of being a digital marketer. While you will still have a long way to go in becoming an expert, I hope that you are able to come away with an appreciation for the work our company does.

Your instruction will cover four key elements to digital marketing. I spend a couple week on each topic (SEO, SEM, email, and social media), going in-depth about the importance they play. Each Friday, you will be presented with a new entry about that weeks topic.

Below is a breakdown of our syllabus for the semester:

January 23 - Foundation of Digital Marketing: Website

Learn about the backbone of any good digital minded company

January 30 - Natural Promotion of Websites: SEO

What makes up SEO and what you should be looking out for

February 06 - Characteristics of SEO

What makes up SEO and what you should be looking out for

February 13 - Why SEO is Vital to any Website

Can you survive without SEO? No

February 20 - Paid Promotion of Websites: SEM

Using AdWords to get to the top and promote yourself

February 27 - Characteristics of SEM

Learn about the steps involved in a SEM campaign

March 06 - Direct Delivery Digital Marketing: Email

Learn about why email marketing is so important

March 13 - Meeting your Target Market at Home: Social Media

Introduction to the future of social media marketing

March 20 - Social Media is Growing Up: Facebook's Older Audience

Understanding the demographic changes of Facebook

March 27 - Social Birds: Twitter is still number 1

Why Twitter is number 1 and how to take advantage of it

April 03 - Uniting with Business Professionals: LinkedIn

Using the best professional tool on the web

April 10 - Using 1000 Words Without a Letter: Instagram

Learn why Instagram is becoming the next big marketing tool for companies

April 17 - A New Snapshot: Advertisement on Snapchat

What does this mean for the already questionable app

April 24 - The Wide World of Digital Marketing Wrap up

Wrapping up everything you have learned this semester

Karen Vance is the Director of Digital and Content Marketing for The Deciding Factor, Inc. She keeps busy by running her two teenage boys to sporting and musical activities. She and her husband run a baseball empire called Galaxy Baseball with 15 teams and about 160 kids. Factoid: You can find her on the weekends ringing the bass bells in her church Handbell Choir or scorekeeping baseball in the stands.
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