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3 Weeks as a Marketing Intern

I’ve had the fortunate blessing of working as the most recent intern of The Deciding Factor. During my short time here, I can already see this company is different. They bring passion, enthusiasm and flexibility to everything they do.

The Deciding Factor team realizes that at any moment something can come up. Even with extremely efficient planning, small twists in the day can throw you off. There really is such a thing as a “marketing emergency.” The team responds well to the twists of changing client needs with quick, efficient responses. Combine that with passion and enthusiasm, and you have one of the best firms you could ask for.

My First Impressions:

Karen Meyers Holzer:

As the president of a small business, you often treat the company as your baby. Karen has poured her heart and soul into this company and provides the parental overview it needs. She stands her ground for integrity, ethics and strategy and clearly articulates what needs to be done.

Karen Vance:

Karen is a writing guru. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to her writing. She brings energy, experience and creativity to the office. With perfection in her writing, I know clients can always count on her to tell their stories effectively.

Lisa Higgins:

Lisa is a master of design. I have seen her create things that I couldn’t even fathom. I sometimes think she’s able to link her brain into the computer, because she can create anything. She understands how to combine typography and design to create the perfect media every time. I’m looking very forward to learning from her experience.

Chris Thamann:

Chris is the wizard of web design. He is able to manipulate website platforms to his will and fashion the most innovative websites I’ve ever seen. They’re smooth, yet exciting and full of intrigue. They draw the viewer in and keep them on the site. Just this week, he cranked out a website that we all dropped our jaws at. He was able to integrate his graphic design skills into the homepage and make it pop. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next!

So far, this has been an amazing place to work, and I’ve already learned so much. I’m thrilled to be in a place that challenges me to expand my mind, and I can’t wait to continue to learn from each of these individuals.

Karen Vance is the Director of Digital and Content Marketing for The Deciding Factor, Inc. She keeps busy by running her two teenage boys to sporting and musical activities. She and her husband run a baseball empire called Galaxy Baseball with 15 teams and about 160 kids. Factoid: You can find her on the weekends ringing the bass bells in her church Handbell Choir or scorekeeping baseball in the stands.
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