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TDF Named One of Top MarTech Consulting/Service Companies in CIO’s Top 10 MarTech Companies of 2020

TDF Named One of Top MarTech Consulting/Service Companies in CIO’s Top 10 MarTech Companies of 2020

The Deciding Factor Named in CIO Applications’ Top 10 MarTech Companies of 2020

Every year, CIO Applications honors companies who are transforming businesses big and small with innovative marketing technology (MarTech) and consulting services. We’re honored to be recognized by this prestigious publication for our 2020 efforts.

At The Deciding Factor, we incorporate the latest technology trends and optimize our digital marketing strategies by partnering with our clients to produce the most effective marketing solutions.

About the Top 10 MarTech Award

CIO Applications, based in Silicon Valley, CA, seeks to provide better understanding of the role that enterprise solutions play in ideating and executing business goals. The media publisher offers professionals the most comprehensive collection of bleeding-edge technology insights.

“With more than 8,000 marketing related products to choose from, marketing teams are overwhelmed by choice and find it challenging to find the puzzle pieces they need,” explains CIO Applications. “Through this edition of CIO Applications, our editorial team highlight the top players within the MarTech sector, aiming to showcase eventful avenues in the arena through a peer-to-peer knowledge delivery approach.”

Delivering Results to Our Clients

Even when faced with the unexpected hurdles of 2020, our digital marketing agency continued to be an industry-leading partner for enterprise brands and businesses around the United States and the globe. The TDF team works with a mix of industries from healthcare, medical devices, high-tech manufacturing, software and technology and other verticals to ensure their investment is delivering competitive business wins.

“The Deciding Factor lets our clients take the spotlight,” says Karen Meyers Holzer, CEO for The Deciding Factor. “We like to begin with a series of conversations with our clients. Many clients start with jumbled and disconnected marketing tactics. By sitting down and talking, we can determine if they need to strengthen their marketing strategy by developing customer personas and creating a customer journey map. Then we leverage technology to identify effective marketing tactics that efficiently target the most receptive customers.”

Our experienced staff of industry veterans utilizes a toolkit with a breadth and depth of technology and service delivery applications. “We integrate platforms and leverage data with marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social and digital search, earned media and a lot more,” says Karen Vance, Director of Digital & Content Marketing for The Deciding Factor. “And we’re always striving to evolve with trends by investing in new technology platforms and, more importantly, training and education on these platforms.”

For More Information About Our Digital Marketing Agency

Read CIO Applications Magazine’s interview with Karen Meyers Holzer and Karen Vance. This insightful Q&A explores the challenges of today’s digital marketing landscape. Read the full story to see how The Deciding Factor continuously delivers consistent and integrated marketing to our clients.

Are you exploring marketing technology solutions to create an effective and appealing lead funnel? We can help you build and maintain your brand presence across integrated marketing channels. Contact us to find out how we’ll work with you to develop a customized marketing strategy.


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About The Deciding Factor

Founded in 2002, The Deciding Factor is a Midwest-based strategic marketing agency serving B2B and B2C clients around the world. Our integrated agency provides:

  • Marketing strategy and development
  • Branding and brand identity
  • Social and digital advertising
  • Website Development/Integrations
  • Distributed marketing programs
  • Content development
  • Collateral and sales communications
  • Social media marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Graphic and motion design

Our agency is Google and Facebook certified and are WPEngine, GoDaddy Pro and Infusionsoft partners. We pride ourselves on our expertise, agility and flexibility while providing a high level of marketing strategy and creativity to facilitate our clients’ business growth.

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