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Color & Brand – What’s the Relationship?

Color & Brand – What’s the Relationship?

Now that we have talked about the basics of color, let’s focus on why you should care about the relationship between color and your brand.

When you’re on a mission to purchase laundry detergent, how do you recognize your brand of choice in the seemingly endless aisle of selections?

  1. When pressed for time, do you stop to read every label, looking for the brand name?
  2. Do you look for the package shape and size?
  3. Do you approach the color block that is associated with your loyal brand choice?

Research says that the third option is the most likely. But why?

Think about it, our minds are naturally programmed and environmentally trained to recognize and react to color. We stop our vehicles at red lights and hit the accelerator when it turns green. We cruise into fast food restaurants with brightly colored red and yellow signage. Our healthcare facilities are decorated with soothing tones of blue and green.

Color evokes emotion and draws on instinct. You can capitalize on these facts and get an emotional response from your potential customers at the first interaction with your brand. Doesn’t that sound easy? It is, as long as your brand color story is strategically sound.

We’ll talk about that in our next color post. Stay tuned or contact us today.

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